Secret To Living A Longer Life

enjoy-todayAre you living in the present moment?

We as human beings deserve a good quality healthy life. Daily we should strive to have a better day than we had yesterday. Stop beating yourself up about past disappointments and things you wish you had. You can literally be wishing your life away by wishing for a  better job wishing for a better home better relationships. Instead of wishing about the future enjoy the now enjoy and set a specific time during your week to work towards your goals.

By day dreaming about your future all day long your not enjoying the life that is going around you.

This can cause havoc on your body because it’s more like an obsession and becomes a stressor. Preparing for the future is always good but don’t do it so much that it takes you away from the now. Are you listening to your kids while their talking to you or thinking about the next thing that needs to get done? If so this is a prime example that you are obsessed with the future and not the now. So moving forward be present seize the moment by taking in life and the beautiful things around you.

Enjoy your home !

Enjoy your family !

Enjoy what you have already achieved !