Do You Need A Partner To Feel Complete?

Are you in a relationship and feel like your spouse or beloved completes you?

Do you feel when your apart from your beloved you are not whole or you can’t go on?  We shouldn’t attach ourselves to someone and lose who we are when that relationship ends. We need to be happy regardless of what our partner is giving us emotionally.

Be a whole person first and be with a person that is a compliment to you.

Being able to stand on your own and be your own best friend. Past trauma’s can cause us to need other people. Work on self healing instead of looking for other things or other people to make you feel better.Lack and uncertainty may make us  feel like we need another person to complete us. We get into a place where we use material things and/or relationships to fill a void.

If sex is the only connection you have to your partner then the relationship will be short lived.

Both people need to have things in common to relate on a intellectual level. When looks fade and sex fades soon after relationships tend to go south. But if you two are like minded and have some of the same values and came into the relationship already whole then there is a good chance this union will last a very long time if not forever. We love a person for how they make us feel but we don’t need this person. We aren’t dependent on them paying our bills and building our self esteem we don’t need to  feel sad or have nothing to do if they aren’t spending time with us.

Take Some Quality Time For You?

This is easier said than done when we have been programmed into thinking we need a person to complete us.Try  writing down things you like to do by yourself. Start keeping a journal and see how your life blossoms in the coming weeks. Hanging out with friends and family more and starting a new hobby will help . Couples need space in order for a relationship to grow and be healthy by following some if not all of the advise given, you should be well on your way to a long lasting union.

Be Blessed !