Conspiracy Fact … Not Theory Fake News

Fear is like a contagious disease. A main cause of fear is fake news stories. Most don’t know that fear is just perception. We choose to fear something or not. Concepts are given to us by the media through repetition over and over. It’s hyped up in a dramatic way to instill fear.

Fear based fake news articles is a money making industry and their goal isn’t to report accurate information. Fake news stories prey on the anxieties we all have. Then hold us hostage by gluing us to the television. When we read the newspaper or search the internet it increases companies ratings and market shares.
It also raises probability of depression. Relapse news programming uses hierarchy. Fear based news programming has two aims. The first is to grab the viewers attention. In the media this is called a teaser. The second aim is to persuade the viewer that the solution for reducing the identified fear will be in a news story. If a teaser asks what’s in your tap water that you need to know about? A viewer will likely tune in to get the information to ensure safety. It’s been said that fear based fake news stories has become a staple of popular culture.
The distressing fall out from this trend is that children and adults who are exposed to media are more likely than others to feel that their neighbors and communities are unsafe. They are also more likely to believe that crime is rising, overestimate their odds of becoming a victim, and consider the world to be a dangerous place. The news media needs to return to a sense of proportion, conscious and most importantly telling the truth. Until that happens help free yourself of feeling overwhelmed by doing the following. Limit your exposure to the satire news sites. Consider having an electronic free day. Try not to soak up mainstream media because it is so fear based. News programming wants to grab your attention and it’s always bad news.
Very few people own the media news outlets. And these few people control how the masses think. Now and days that’s pretty much common knowledge and common sense. If everything is fear based ,fake news articles , and programming you end up with populations living in fear.
Watching the news one would come to think that people are fundamentally bad. Stories can be taken so out of proportion when you hear the same things day in and day out in the media. This starts to program your subconscious through repetition and through motion. The stories play on your emotions and you start to change how you perceive the world now.

Coming full circle fear is just a perception and you can change your perception. You can do this if you cut out the fake news stories. If you really think about it , the news hardly has any impact on your daily life. You start to feel better. Your energy is better and your mood. You will find that you didn’t need to hear all this stuff. Its not proportional to what is actually happening now. Im not saying put your head in the sand and not to listen to things that are happening in the world. You can get information from independent sources.

There are places to get your information other than mainstream media and satire news sites. The hidden controllers and global elite manipulate our perceptions through propaganda. I think this is conspiracy fact not conspiracy theory. There is always money for war and there’s never money for the poor. Why would they want us living in fear? A population living in fear is easier to control.